What We’re Reading #2 – Network Partner Publications

“US.-EU Security and Development Dialogue” via Wired Gov
July 26, 2016
What We’re Reading #3 – Ready for RESOLVE Network Fall Forum?
September 8, 2016
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What We’re Reading #2 – Network Partner Publications


For our second “What We’re Reading” post, the RESOLVE Network team is showcasing specific works published by our Steering Committee and Strategic Network Partners, organized by region. With global coverage, these articles and reports cover topics ranging from addressing radicalization at home to tracking how terror and extremism are exported from conflict to conflict. Click the links below to view the documents.

Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU)

Africa Policy Institute (API)

Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI)

Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies (ORSAM)

Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS)

European Institute of Peace (EIP)

The European Institute of Peace carries out field research in local communities that face polarization and decreasing social cohesion. Latest research from EIP focuses on the neighborhood of Molenbeek, a community that faces the stark realities of radicalization, embodied most recently in the actions of the Paris and Brussels attackers.

Learn more about the initiative here: http://eip.org/en/research/brussels#EN

Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP)


Institute for Security Studies (ISS)

International Crisis Group (ICG)

International Peace and Security Institute (IPSI)

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS)

Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS)

Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

Small Arms Survey (SAS)

Small Arms Survey produces an eponymously titled yearbook, Small Arms Survey. We have selected three chapters from the most recent yearbook, “Weapons of the World” (2015), that might be of interest to RESOLVE Network members.

United States Institute of Peace (USIP)