RESOLVE Network Annual Newsletter

What We’re Reading #6 – Network Countries of Focus: Somalia
December 23, 2016
What We’re Reading #7 – Network Countries of Focus: Tunisia
January 24, 2017
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RESOLVE Network Annual Newsletter

Dear reader,

As we transition into 2017, the pervasive threat of violent extremism weighs heavily on everyone's mind. From Europe, to Africa, to the Middle East and Asia, violent extremist groups have torn apart fragile societies and exacerbated already complex conflicts and crises. In the absence of locally informed research and solutions, their devastating impact only continues to evolve and expand.

The RESOLVE Network is dedicated to addressing this threat. In 2016 we began building a community of practice and foundational resources to help broaden understanding of violent extremism. Through our efforts, and because of your support, we successfully:

  • Expanded our membership from six founding organizations to 20 global research partners;
  • Launched the RESOLVE Network website, complete with an online data portal housing existing datasets and a research library;
  • Released our first working paper setting new priorities for research on violent extremism;
  • Launched the first locally powered partner research network on violent extremism in Bangladesh; and
  • Convened more than 200 experts to discuss current violent extremism research in our first annual Fall Forum.

We are excited to expand our efforts in 2017, and look forward to your continued dedication and support.
If you have not already done so, please consider joining the Network.

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In the coming year, the RESOLVE Network is committed to expanding a global network with the connections, capacity, and knowledge necessary to address the continued threat of violent extremism. Please join us.

Best regards,

Candace Rondeaux
Director, RESOLVE Network 

Over the past year the Secretariat Team has been hard at work laying the foundations of what we hope to be an engaging and potentially transformational community of practice directed at identifying the right questions, working with the right data, and helping policymakers make informed decisions in the global mission to counter violent extremism. All that is missing is you. We have several options for individuals to directly participate in the RESOLVE Network. Select which role is best for you (choose up to three), or use the "OPT OUT ALL" box to be removed from all future distributions.   If you are interested in learning more about our Formal Organizational Partnerships, see our website or email us at