What We’re Reading #10 – Text Mining Analysis: Top Cited Authors

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March 27, 2017
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May 22, 2017
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What We’re Reading #10 – Text Mining Analysis: Top Cited Authors

APRIL 2017

This month, the RESOLVE Network team’s “What We’re Reading” post highlights additional findings from our February 2017 working paper “Mining the Gaps: A Text Mining-Based Meta-Analysis of the Current State of Research on Violent Extremism.”  Written in collaboration with Stability Analytics Incorporated (SAI), the working paper employed automated machine-learning analytical techniques to review literature at the intersection between conflict, political violence, and anti-pluralist belief systems. Listed below are the top ten authors cited by articles related to violent extremism and their relevant publications, as revealed by the study. Click the links to view the documents.

Top Ten Cited Authors

James D. Fearon

Paul Collier

David D. Laitin

Ted R. Gurr

Bruce Hoffman

Anke Hoeffler

Todd Sandler

Nicholas Sambanis

Martha Crenshaw

Charles Tilly