About Us

As the threat of violent extremism continues to escalate, the need for new approaches becomes clear. But without a deeper understanding of the complex factors that contribute to violent extremism, even the best intentioned efforts are wasted or counterproductive. The RESOLVE Network was formed by that need to understand--and a group of international partners determined to close the gaps in knowledge.

About the Secretariat

Led by a team of public policy experts, researchers, and practitioners from across the conflict security and development sphere, the RESOLVE Network Secretariat staff at the US Institute of Peace has worked on the front lines of armed conflict and along fault lines of violent extremism in numerous countries across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Our Partners

RESOLVE Partners help fulfill the vision of leveraging locally informed research and analysis to illuminate the drivers of violent extremism and identify solutions. The RESOLVE Network has a variety of partnership levels that reflect the rich variety of public, private, and non-profit sector approaches to the challenges of addressing violent extremism.

Research Advisory Group

RESOLVE Network relies on expertise from a diverse array of academics practitioners and policymakers. The Research Advisory Group draws on research, data, cross-disciplines and provides peer-review of our analysis and input on research project design in order to strengthen the quality of our empirical studies. To connect with the Research Advisory Group, email research@resolvenet.org.

How We Work

Theories abound about the factors that drive violent extremism. Unfortunately, many of those theories are based on anecdotal evidence and confuse the issue rather than shedding light on its true causes

Working across multiple borders and in affected regions, the RESOLVE Network connects individual researchers with local, regional, and international research organizations providing access to subject matter experts and a platform that helps generate the most reliable empirical data. We support locally led research through trainings, workshops, and conferences. The Network also facilitates access to research grants.

The RESOLVE Network's internal team analyzes incoming research, and makes it available in forms that are easily-utilized, including our own unique data-visualizations. Researchers, practitioners and policy-makers use our findings to inform their own research and make effective policy.

Global Network

The RESOLVE Network is an international consortium of researchers and research organizations committed to empowering local communities on the front lines of violent extremism and fostering the creation of innovative empirical analysis. Network members are given access to our community forums, an online data laboratory, and a directory of subject matter experts.

Where We Operate

The RESOLVE Network focuses its efforts on six regions with the greatest concentration of vulnerability and instability to and due to extremist groups: Balkans and Caucasus, Greater Middle East and the Levant, Horn of Africa, North Africa and the Sahel, South and Central Asia, Southeast Asia.

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