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Afghanistan Resource Library

Resolve Publication
The Governance Nexus: Surveying the Research on Violent Extremism, Governance Failures, and the Quest for Political Legitimacy
Kateira Aryaeinejad, Galen Englund, Candace Rondeaux, Prakhar Sharma, and Megan A. Stewart
With contributions from scholars based at American University, Yale, and several others working in and around the US international development and security community, this paper examines the…
Partner Publication
Political Conflict, Extremism and Criminal Justice in Bangladesh
Crisis Group
Political repression is reaching new highs in Bangladesh. The government’s abuse of rule of law institutions for political ends has created an atmosphere of injustice that is increasingly exploited…
The United Kingdom's stabilisation model and Afghanistan: The impact on humanitarian actors
Gordon, Stuart
‘Stabilisation’ has emerged as a powerful policy framework since 2004. The United Kingdom has been at the forefront of states adopting and developing a ‘stabilisation’ model and has adapted…
The Politics of the Taliban's Shadow Judiciary, 2003-2013
Giustozzi Dr., Antonio & Baczko, Adam
The Taliban established their own judicial system in Afghanistan as both an instrument of population control and as a means to project themselves as an effective parallel government. Despite the…
The Demodernisation of an Army: Northern Afghanistan, 1992-2001
Giustozzi, Antonio
After the fall of the communist regime in Afghanistan, remnants of the Afghan regular army organized themselves into one of the factional armies which filled the vacuum created by the collapse of the…
Physical and mental health of Afghan, Iranian and Somali asylum seekers and refugees living in the Netherlands
Gerritsen, Annette A. M.; Bramsen, Inge; Devill{\'{e}}, Walter; van Willigen, Loes H. M.; Hovens, Johannes E. & van der Ploeg, Henk M.
Worldwide, the number of refugees and asylum seekers is estimated to be about 11.5 million plus a much larger number of former refugees who have obtained a residence permit in a new country. Although…

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Afghanistan Experts

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Carol Fair
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Emily Winterbotham
Senior Research Fellow at RUSI focusing on conflict, violent extremism, P/CVE and peace building.

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