In consultation with our partners, and a survey of over 400 experts in political violence and violent extremism, the RESOLVE Network identified South and Central Asia as one of the Network regions of focus. Explore our research library, view our Network partners, or login to connect with our community of experts

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The Most Dangerous Place: Pakistan's Lawless Frontier
Imtiaz Gul
The tribal region located on the frontier between Pakistan and Afghanistan is the centre of terrorist activity in the world today. Since 2001, Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters have regrouped here, using…
Partner Publication
National Dialogue and Social Contract
This brief summarizes the findings of the third working group on Counter-Violent
Extremism (CVE), which deliberated upon the need for holding national
dialogue(s) to address critical…
Rule of Law Approaches to Countering Violent Extremism (ABA Rule of Law Initiative Issue Paper)
Catherine Lena Kelly
This paper reviews the current social science and policy research on the drivers of violent extremism, describes the types of ABA ROLI rule of law oriented programs that have the potential to counter…
Resolve Publication
Islamist Militancy in Bangladesh: Public Awareness and Attitudes
C. Christine Fair and Wahid Abdallah
This research brief is based on a nationwide RESOLVE Network survey designed to address the gap in understanding the sources of Bangladeshi support for violent extremist tactics, goals, and…
Resolve Publication
Democracy and Sharia in Bangladesh: Surveying Support
Ali Riaz and Syeda Salina Aziz
This research brief is based on a face-to-face representative survey of 4,067 households in Bangladesh conducted in April 2017. Respondents indicated overwhelming support for key democratic…
Resolve Publication
Can Community Policing Help Counter Violent Extremism?
Niloy Biswas
This research brief examines how those involved in community policing understand countering violent extremism and the extent to which a community policing approach might play a role in addressing…

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Political Islam, Violent Extremism, Religion and Politics

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