Partner Publications and Projects

Partner Publications

RESOLVE Network members have produced an array of articles, publications, and projects related to violent extremism and how to address it. Click through the gallery for recent publications from around the Network.

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Partner Projects

In addition to publications, RESOLVE Network Partners are carrying on interesting projects and programs enhancing understanding of, and resilience to, violent extremism. Click through below to see what our Partners are up to.

Media Advocacy via Airwaves

CRSS takes pride in being one of the few civil society organizations that took up radio as a means for community-focused strategic communication on issues such as militancy, counter-radicalization, promoting democratic values, harmony, and tolerance all over Pakistan, particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. This project was designed to counter the skewed extremist narrative propagated by radical militants and, to promote moderate views based on ideals of peace, tolerance, and co-existence in the conflict-hit northwestern regions of Pakistan, through its Pashto language radio programs.

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Building a National Strategy for Preventing Violent Extremism

This course offers a unique opportunity to unpack the process of formulating a strategy for preventing and countering violent extremism. It examines the implications of UN Security Council Resolution 2178 for those involved in developing national plans to prevent and counter violent extremism (PVE/CVE). It also analyses root causes of violent radicalism and studies the methods used to promote violent extremist ideologies. Participants will examine the phenomena of foreign terrorist fighters and strategic communications. Experts and participants work together to develop new ideas for the most effective PVE/CVE practices.

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Counter-Narrative Library

Hedayah’s Counter-Narrative Library is a comprehensive portal and database where governments, practitioners and civil society can access content, toolkits and good practices to counter the narratives of all forms of violent extremism. The password-protected Library includes videos, movies, TV shows, cartoons, books, websites, magazines, blogs, social media campaigns, articles and many others that can be found online or uploaded as files.

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CrisisWatch is a monthly early warning bulletin designed to provide a regular update on the state of the most significant situations of conflict around the world.

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Countering Violent Extremism in Kosovo

The goal of the project is to reduce and mitigate the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters and other radicalized individuals in Kosovo, by capacity building of involved stakeholders in conducting localized counter-messaging and engaging in the community.

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PIPS Digital Database on Conflict & Security

The PIPS has been striving since 2006 to develop a comprehensive database on conflict and security issues at national level through a continuous monitoring and documentation of each and every incident happening in the country on daily basis. The diversified info tracks containing details of terrorist and insurgent attacks, inter-tribal infightings and inter-tribal sectarian clashes, sectarian related terrorism, ethno-political violence, cross-border attacks and clashes, operational attacks by the security forces and their clashes with militants, kidnappings, and search and arrest operations by the law enforcement agencies are maintained on daily basis by monitoring the print and electronic media closely.

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SIPRI Yearbook: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security

The SIPRI Yearbook is known worldwide as an authoritative and independent source for politicians, diplomats, journalists, scholars, students and citizens on armaments, disarmament and international security. It provides an overview of developments in international security, weapons and technology, military expenditure, the arms trade and arms production, and armed conflicts, along with efforts to control conventional, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons<./p>

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