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Surveying the Research on Violent Extremism, Governance Failures, and the Quest for Political Legitimacy

With contributions from scholars based at American University, Yale, and several others working in and around the US international development and security community, this paper examines the relationship between governance, public service provision, and support for non-state actors through case studies of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Kosovo. The final paper in the series, "The Governance Nexus" looks at the existing literature on governance, state fragility, and non-coercive strategies violent extremist organizations employ to bolster their political legitimacy, and provides recommendations for where researchers should focus their efforts

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A Text Mining-Based Meta-Analysis of the Current State of Research on Violent Extremism

Written in collaboration with Stability Analytics Incorporated (SAI), this working paper presents preliminary findings from the RESOLVE Network Secretariat’s meta-analysis on the state of research literature relevant to violent extremism. The second in a series of papers, “Mining the Gaps” examines large-scale patterns in P/CVE research. The study is the first of its kind to employ automated machine-learning analytical techniques to review literature at the intersection between conflict, political violence, and anti-pluralist belief systems, and reveals several critical gaps in existing research related to violent extremism.

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Working Paper on Findings from Expert Consultations

This working paper presents the preliminary results of the RESOLVE Network Secretariat's consultations with the network’s organizational partners and a diverse group of eighty prominent academics, practitioners, and policymakers, who shared their views on research priorities for the countering violent extremism (CVE) community of practice. The first in a series of working papers that take stock of existing research in the field, this report explores the major challenges associated with analyzing the drivers of violent extremism and suggests parameters for developing a consensus-based research agenda.

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Measuring the Research and Data on Violent Extremism

The RESOLVE Network has launched a mixed methods study to map the current state of evidence on the drivers of violent extremism, violent social movements, and violent political groups and the range of methodologies employed to study these organizations/groups and their relationship to and impact on community cohesion and resilience in the face of mass violence. By employing a multidisciplinary approach, the RESOLVE Network seeks to vault the work beyond the challenge of definitions and instead hone in on cross cutting themes and effective research methodologies as well as identify gaps in knowledge.

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