With the rise of political violence comes increased attention from the academic and professional communities. The resulting proliferation of articles and studies gives us more opportunities to learn and gain insight into the drivers and characteristics of violence.

Countries of Focus

Through a series of expert and Network Partner consultations, the RESOLVE Network has identified ten countries that should be priorities for new and expanded research over the next five years.

Online Data Resources

As design and development of the RESOLVE Network Data Portal continues, the RESOLVE Network team has curated a growing list of databases and datasets that provide additional context and understanding of the actors, indicators, and environmental factors that illuminate the sources of resilience and vulnerability to violence. Scroll down and click on the links to go to the data provider.


Partner Publications

RESOLVE Network members have produced an array of articles and publications regarding violent extremism and how to address it. Check out featured publications and full catalogues from around the Network.

Peer-Reviewed Journals

In the course of conducting and curating research on the complex problem of violent extremism and violent social movements, the RESOLVE Network Secretariat Team has compiled a list of peer-reviewed journals that serve as the bedrock of our multidisciplinary investigation.


Working across multiple borders and in affected regions, the RESOLVE Network connects individual researchers with local, regional, and international research organizations providing access to subject matter experts and a platform that helps generate the most reliable empirical data. We support locally led research through trainings, workshops, and conferences and provide access to research grants. Enter to see what we’re working on now and past publications.

Research Library

What do we really know though about the current state of peer-reviewed research on violent extremism and violent social movements today? What exactly is the state of the evidence base for theories about the drivers of extremism?

What We're Reading

The RESOLVE Network Team has put together a list of must-read articles and publications that inform our work and help us better understand what makes certain areas more vulnerable to the spread of extremist thinking and why it's less likely to take hold in others.