Intervention demographics refers to policies or programming directed at discrete populations or sectors towards addressing and/or reducing insecurity and societal grievances.

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Understanding Local Drivers of Violent Extremism in Kosovo
International Republican Institute
From February to March 2017, the International Republican Institute (IRI) conducted qualitative research with residents from four municipalities in Kosovo – Pristina, Ferizaj, Hani i Elezit, and…
Public Pulse Analysis on Prevention of Violent Extremism in Kosovo
Arben Qirez
This study has analyzed the perceptions of Kosovans regarding violent extremism and the resilience of Kosovan society vis-à-vis internal and external pressures conducive to the penetration of…
Community Level Recommendations for Preventing Violent Extremism in Kosovo
UNDP Kosovo
This is an updated assessment based on recommendations of a UNDP supported assessment conducted in 2015 to inform the Kosovo’s CVE strategy. Commissioned by UNDP and the MoIA, this research has the…
Drivers of Radicalization and Violent Extremism in Kosovo: Women’s Roles in Supporting, Preventing & Fighting Violent Extremism
Anne Speckhard and Ardian Shajkovci
Partner Publication
The Islamic State Narrative in Kosovo Deconstructed One Story at a Time
Garentina Kraja
This report aims to identify, deconstruct, analyze, contextualize and interpret the IS propaganda targeting Kosovo Albanians as well as to reveal the tools employed to spread this narrative among…
Partner Publication
Setting Kosovo Free: Remaining Challenges
Kosovo deserves to celebrate today as the international community converts the “supervised independence” it achieved four years ago to full independence, but it must also do more to guarantee full…

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