What We Do

What We Do

RESOLVE works for peace in a violent world by providing insight into the drivers of violent extremism, and empowering those who seek to weaken and defeat it.

We provide resources to researchers and organizations who are working to answer this question: what works and what doesn't when confronting violent extremism? We provide access to those who can use this important work for the sake of peace, especially researchers, practitioners and policy makers. The rise of violent extremism has precipitated an unprecedented volume of research on the subject. Our collection of research and data is a resource to our growing global network of partners and members.

How We Work

Theories abound about the factors that drive violent extremism. Unfortunately, many of those theories are based on anecdotal evidence and confuse the issue rather than shedding light on its true causes.

Working across multiple borders and in affected regions, the RESOLVE Network connects individual researchers with local, regional, and international research organizations providing access to subject matter experts and a platform that helps generate the most reliable empirical data. We support locally led research through trainings, workshops, and conferences. The Network also facilitates access to research grants.

Where We Operate

The RESOLVE Network focuses its efforts on six regions with the greatest concentration of vulnerability and instability to and due to extremist groups: Balkans and Caucasus, Greater Middle East and the Levant, Horn of Africa, North Africa and the Sahel, South and Central Asia, Southeast Asia.