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Europe Media Monitor
NewsExplorer produces its results fully automatically every day, by applying a combination of various multilingual Language Technology tools to the news articles gathered automatically by the Europe Media Monitor EMM. NewsExplorer carries out the…
Phoenix Near-Real-Time Data
University of Texas
This provides access to real-time events which are updated multiple times during the day. Access to the data is via a web-based REST API interface which allows substantial control on the events which are downloaded, as well as an R…
Mass Mobilization in Autocracies Database (MMAD)
Universitat Konstanz
The Mass Mobilization in Autocracies Database (MMAD) contains sub-national data on mass mobilization events in autocracies worldwide. It includes both instances of anti- and pro-regime protest at the level of cities with daily resolution. The data…
Research on Domestic Radicalization and Terrorism
National Institute of Justice
Countering and preventing terrorism is a primary concern for state and local law enforcement agencies as well as the federal government. Terrorists are those who support or commit ideologically motivated violence to further political, social or…
Maddison Historical Statistics
University of Groningen
The Maddison Project has been initiated in March 2010 by a group of close colleagues of Angus Maddison, with the aim to support an effective way of cooperation between scholars to continue Maddison's work on measuring economic performance for…
UK Data Archive
The UK Data Archive is an internationally acknowledged centre of expertise in acquiring, curating and providing access to social science and humanities data.