Putting the Action in Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) National Action Plans


Geneva, Switzerland

09 November 2017


Part of the Geneva Peace Week.

Session 1: Achieving an All-of-Society Approach through Multisectoral Engagement 

This session will focus on designing nationally owned PVE National Action Plans (NAPs). With the participation of panelists and discussants from civil society, government, and/or multilateral organizations, this session will address how to:

  1. Encourage holistic PVE NAPs to complement Rule of Law counterterrorism (CT) responses, informed by a content analysis of existing and draft NAPs for their attention to topics vital to PVE, yet often overlooked in PVE and CT policy (e.g., economics, education, good governance, human rights, gender equality and women’s empowerment, mental health, youth empowerment).
  2. Raise awareness of the core elements of good practice for NAP development and implementation, including the importance of, and strategies for, working with relevant nongovernment actors – especially those at the community level – and non-security sector government entities (e.g., ministries of education, gender, health, labor, religious affairs, sports, and youth).


Session 2: Supporting Civil Society for Effective Design and Implementation

This session will elaborate on the importance of civil society and community-level responses, with particular attention to the undervalued contributions of women and youth to PVE. Discussants will include independent civil society actors working at the national and subnational levels who will share:

  1. Cases highlighting different types of civil society engagement in the design and implementation of PVE NAPs. 
  2. Good practices and lessons learned for ensuring substantive civil society participation in the design and implementation of PVE NAPs, including models for resourcing grassroots initiatives.

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