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The RESOLVE Network Research Advisory Council supports RESOLVE’s mission to develop and deliver high-quality, methodologically rigorous research and insights on violent extremism to policymakers, practitioners, and academics around the world. Populated by leading experts and scholars in the field, Council members conduct three main activities:

  • Peer-review RESOLVE Network original research to enhance research quality and reach,
  • Guide and advise RESOLVE Network research initiatives and research capacity building efforts, and
  • Author RESOLVE Network products distilling research and thought leadership into actionable recommendations for policy and practice.


Council Leadership and Member Recruitment 


The Council is led by the Council Director and Associate Council Director, who coordinate activities amongst members, lead efforts to recruit new members, and facilitate communication and guidance between the RESOLVE Secretariat and Council members as needed. Council membership is comprised of a select group of leading researchers and practitioners with a proven track record of engagement on research on violent extremism and conflict. Membership is by invitation only. All efforts will be taken to ensure that the Council is diverse in nature and representative of a broad spectrum of thematic and geographic subject matter expertise.


Council Membership: Roles and Activities


There are two types of Council members:

  1. Term Council Members

Term Council Members serve on the Council for terms of two (2) years, with the option to renew membership for additional terms at the end of each term. Term Members contribute to producing and enhancing RESOLVE research through the following activities:

  • Author RESOLVE original research products, including, but not restricted to, RESOLVE Insights and Policy Notes
  • Provide peer review of RESOLVE Network Research Reports and Research Briefs
  • Facilitate and/or participate as a speaker in a RESOLVE-sponsored online or in-person engagement such as a training, working group, conference panel, or webinar

To maintain their membership, Council Members must provide at least one (1) peer review or produce one (1) original research product each year of their membership.

  1. Project-Specific Council Members

Project-Specific Council Members are recruited directly to provide research support or project direction to a specific RESOLVE Network Initiative. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Participating in research exchanges to consult and help shape research and writing conducted by one or multiple RESOLVE investigators
  • Participating and coordinating the creation of RESOLVE original products, including coordinating the development of RESOLVE edited works, research training and curriculum development, data initiatives, etc.

Project-Specific Members serve on the Council for the duration of the project they support, with the option to become or revert back to Term Council Members once the project has ended. Specific requirements of Project-Specific Members are laid out in separate statements of work.

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