A Deal with the Devil : United States Foreign Policy in the Balkans
Global Security Studies
Beginning with the collapse of Yugoslavia, the United States has made the seemingly
comfortable policy choice of aligning itself with Muslim separatists in Bosnia and Kosovo.
Copying the tactic used in Afghanistan, the US and its allies worked with Islamic
fundamentalists by training and arming mujahedeen fighters in their resistance struggle against
the Serbs. In doing so, the West opened the door for radical Islam to enter Europe. Just as with
Afghanistan, the war ended and the mujahedeen have turned their attention on the United States
and its allies. Bosnia is currently a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalist activity and the
“independent” nation of Kosovo is a failing state home to domestic and international terrorist
groups. Multiple terrorist attacks in the United States including 9/11 have ties to the Balkans.
Because of these US foreign policy choices the terrorist threat is no longer just found in Iraq or
Afghanistan, but right in the very heart of Europe. To prevent the situation from growing even
worse it is critical that the US learns from these mistakes and immediately stops supporting its
Islamist allies in the Balkans.