Hussein Solomon and Tom Smith

Exporting Global Jihad: Volume One: Critical Perspectives from Africa and Europe

I. B. Tauris


This timely, 2 volume edited collection looks at the extent and nature of global jihad, focusing on the often-exoticized hinterlands of jihad beyond the traditionally viewed Middle Eastern 'center'. As ISIS loses its footing in Syria and Iraq and al-Qaeda regroups, this comprehensive account will be a key work in the ongoing battle to better understand the dynamics of the jihad’s global reality. Critically examining the global reach of the jihad in these peripheries has the potential to tell us much about patterns of both local mobilization, and local rejection of a grander centrally themed and administered jihad. Has the periphery been receptive to an exported jihad from the center or does the local rooted cosmopolitanism of the jihad in the periphery suggest a more complex glocal relationship? These questions and challenges are more pertinent than ever as the likes of ISIS and many commentators, attempt to globally rebrand the jihad and as the center reasserts its claims to the exotic periphery.