Ronald Denaux and Manuel Gomez-Perez

Textual Analysis for Radicalisation Narratives aligned with Social Sciences Perspectives

CEUR Workshop


One of the unintended consequences of the Web is that it can function as a radicalising medium. Hence, developing information systems that are capable of detecting radicalising content is one of the key challenges faced by society to prevent and minimise radicalisation. Fortunately, much work has already been done by social scientists to understand key factors in the radicalisation process and common narratives. This paper presents work to reuse this understanding from social science in a way that is useful for designing and developing information systems. We present work summarising various perspectives on the concept of narratives and how they apply to radicalisation domains; in particular, we focus on Islamic radicalisation as a key example of radicalisation. We introduce three taxonomies to help capture different aspects of radicalisation narratives and present a system for identifying mentions of one of such aspects in texts: strategic radicalisation narratives for Islamic radicalisation.