Cortright, David

Winning Without War: Nonmilitary Strategies for Overcoming Violent Extremism

Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems


In the name of countering terrorism, the United States has pursued policies over the past decade that have harmed U.S. and global security. In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, President George W. Bush declared a "global war on terror" and initiated a series of militarized responses. 1 The United States started two wars, ventured over to the "dark side" in the use of torture, indefinite detention and other abusive policies, 2 and greatly increased arms spending and military operations worldwide. 3 In recent years the Obama Administration has expanded U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan and increased the use of Central Intelligence Agency ("CIA") and military covert operations in Pakistan and other countries. The direct costs of these policies - human, economic, and political - have been enormous.