Reintegration of Returning Foreign Fighters: What approach best suits Kosovo?
Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS)
As in many other countries of the world, Kosovo is also challenged by the phenomenon of violent extremism. Special challenge poses the returning foreign fighters in Kosovo, as well as individuals who have not participated in foreign wars but are considered to be affected by this phenomenon. In response to this phenomenon, this report incorporates rehabilitation and re-socialization programs for this category of individuals who must be subject to their return to society.

Since Kosovo has no experience with dealing with returned foreign fighters, especially with programs aimed at the rehabilitation and reintegration of radicalized persons, this document fits into several models and experiences that have been adopted by some states. This report analysis models of the three study cases from: Germany, Danmark and Saudi Arabia. By analizing such models, KCSS offers and alternative programme separated in three phases: Rehabilitation, reintegration and post-prison phase.