The War against Uncontrolled sand mining in Northern Nigeria

Solving the climate crisis is within our grasp, especially Media, but we need to educated our millions of people in Africa to stand up and act about global warming. However, the story make a difference, through tackling the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced, reporting about food security and agriculture. which illegal sand used to bring more problems to climate change.
In some government agencies they draft and initiatives and implementation of programmes designed to encourage, provide and improve access to education about climate changes in Africa can improve food security and agriculture in Africa, not only Nigeria, the story raises public awareness about the impact of using organic agric to solve climate change while at the same time enhancing society’s understanding of all round efforts for food and agriculture in Africa.
Also bring the attention of farmers to wake up into the new direction to invest more in agriculture, in order to have successful good climate change in future.
Urged government agencies to accelerate the use of planting of millions trees to create grean areas through farming.
Also bringing the attention for the government to engage the media, farmers scientists and other professionals in its effort to enlighten the public on the dangers of climate change.