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Candace Rondeaux
Senior Advisor, RESOLVE Network
United States Institute of Peace
Washington, DC

Areas of Expertise

Intervention Demographics


Political Violence

Governance and Security
Candace Rondeaux
Senior Advisor, RESOLVE Network
United States Institute of Peace
Washington, DC


Candace Rondeaux is Director of the RESOLVE Network and Executive-Director of the Global Research Network on Conflict, a global research consortium focused on illuminating the drivers of conflict and violent social movements. Before joining USIP, she served as Strategic Advisor to the Lessons Learned Program at the U.S. Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. An expert on international affairs, she spent five-years working in South Asia where she served as South Asia bureau chief for The Washington Post and as senior analyst on Afghanistan for the International Crisis Group. Her research has covered the conflict in South Asia, the dynamics of political Islam in modern Muslim majority states, and Soviet and post-Soviet affairs. Her work has been regularly featured in Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, The International Herald Tribune, and The Boston Globe. She has also been a frequent guest analyst on CNN, Al-Jazeera, BBC World and National Public Radio. Prior to her postings in South Asia, she worked as a journalist for several leading newspapers in the United States, producing award winning work on criminal justice and legal affairs issues for the Post, The St. Petersburg Times in Florida and covering terrorism and criminal justice issues for the investigative team at The New York Daily News following the 9/11 attacks. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, she holds a B.A. in Russian Area Studies, M.A. Journalism from New York University, and an MPP in Public Policy
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Social Networks & Social Cohesion
Media & Social Discourse
Religion & Theology
Ethnicity & Social Identity
Armed Actors
Armed Conflict
Sectarian Violence
Mass Atrocities
Human Protection and Rule of Law
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