Online | 12 May 2020

Expert Roundtable: Women and Community-based Armed Groups in East Africa


On May 12, 2020, the RESOLVE Network and USAID hosted a virtual research roundtable on gender dynamics in community-based armed groups. The event convened policymakers from USAID D.C. and regional offices, as well as relevant State Department officials, to discuss women's roles and diverse interests in communities and armed groups, from contributing to logistical and clandestine operations to legitimizing violence and peace through formal and informal platforms often hidden from the international community. Hilary Matfess presented her research findings from a forthcoming paper with the RESOLVE Network, “Brokers of Legitimacy: Women and Community-based Armed Groups in East Africa.” RESOLVE’s research initiative on Community-Based Armed Groups in Sub-Saharan Africa aims to provide key stakeholders with contextual knowledge on the dynamics of hybrid security structures, community-based armed groups, and potential approaches to engage, manage, and transform them.

The discussion was under the Chatham House Rule.