United States Institute of Peace | 20 September 2018

2018 RESOLVE Network Global Forum


On September 20, 2018, the RESOLVE Network will host its Third Annual Global Forum in Washington, DC at the U.S. Institute of Peace. The Forum will convene the Network’s partner organizations and international researchers, practitioners, and policymakers for thought-provoking TED Talk-style presentations and salon-style discussions in addition to engaging breakout discussions. This combination presents an opportunity to learn from experts from across the globe and contribute your own knowledge and expertise to the discussion.

The sessions highlight the duality of how we understand the problem of violent extremism and what we do to address it. TED Talk-style presentations will explore new perspectives in the study of violent extremism, including human agency-centered approaches, a welcome addition to the discourse on structural factors, that shine a light on nuances in individual-level diagnoses. The morning will also feature a salon-style conversation about RESOLVE’s Lake Chad Basin research, during which our locally-based research fellows and principal investigators will showcase their research and findings on higher education and extremism.

In the afternoon, innovative means of designing and undertaking interventions take center stage with a second round of TED-style talks that dissect programming and policy miscalculations, analytical counterfactuals, and novel resiliency-building solutions for future efforts. The afternoon’s salon conversation will consider the road ahead, using the day’s highlights to continue to chart research, policy, and program priorities for the year ahead. Join the conversation online with #RESOLVEForum.



09:00    Welcome & Introductory Remarks

  • Nancy Lindborg, President, U.S. Institute of Peace
  • Leanne Erdberg, Director of CVE, U.S. Institute of Peace


09:20    TED-Talk Style Presentations:

  • Radicalization & Reintegration: Mr. Jesse Morton, Parallel Networks
  • Neuroscience & Conflict: Mr. Michael Niconchuk, Beyond Conflict
  • Historical Grievances & Data: Dr. Chris Meserole, Brookings Institute

10:30    Breakout Discussions

11:30    Morning Salon: Secularism in the Lake Chad Basin

  • Dr. Ousmanou Adama, RESOLVE Network Research Fellow - Cameroon
  • Dr. Brandon Kendhammer, RESOLVE Network Principal Investigator - Cameroon
  • Dr. Remadji Hoinathy, RESOLVE Network Research Fellow - Chad
  • Dr. Daniel Eizenga, RESOLVE Network Principal Investigator - Chad
  • Dr. Medinat Adeola Abdulazeez, RESOLVE Network Research Fellow - Nigeria
  • Dr. Abdoulaye Sounaye, RESOLVE Network Principal Investigator – Nigeria
  • Dr. Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob, Moderator

12:30    Lunch


13:30    TED-Talk Style Presentations

  • Role of Traditional Media: Dr. Emma Heywood, University of Sheffield
  • Everyday Peace Indicators: Dr. Pamina Firchow, George Mason University
  • Nonviolent Action: Dr. Maria J. Stephan, U.S. Institute of Peace

14:45    Breakout Discussion

15:45    Afternoon Salon:
             Practical Applications of Research to Policy and Practice

17:00    Closing Remarks & Reception

  • Mr. Pete Marocco, Deputy Assistant Secretary and Senior Bureau Official for the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO), US Department of State