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April 2019 | Far-right extremism

This month, RESOLVE focuses on right-wing extremism. The publications below examine the rise of the alt-right, violent radicalization in the US and Europe, white supremacy, and lone-wolf homicides. The readings analyze nationalist extremism and how it compares to Islamic terrorism in the use of social media and messaging, the emergence of incel ideology online, the role of women in the spread of far-right movements, and the psychological profile of alt-right affiliates. Click the links below to learn more. 

Julia Ebner and Jacob Davey
The past two decades have seen a sharp increase in the number of female supporters of far-right movements and the creation of many female-centered groups. In 1999, the Southern Poverty La...
Partner Publication
Aristotle Kallis, Sara Zeiger, Bilgehan Öztürk
This report seeks to investigate why and how far-right movements radicalize, to what extent the process of radicalization is driven by national dynamics of transnational factors, and in w...
Seth G. Jones
Right-wing extremism in the United States appears to be growing. The number of terrorist attacks by far-right perpetrators rose over the past decade, more than quadrupling between 2016 an...
Patrick Forscher and Nour Kteily
The 2016 U.S. presidential election coincided with the rise the alternative right or alt-right. Although alt-right associates wield considerable influence on the current administration, t...
Jeff Gruenewald, Steven Chermak, and Joshua D. Freilich
Little is known about the nature of far-right lone wolf terrorism and how this form of violence varies across different types of suspects. Relying on data from the Extremist Crime Databas...