Dr. Omi Hodwitz
Omi Hodwitz
Criminologist and Assistant Professor
University of Idaho
Idaho, US


Dr. Omi Hodwitz is a criminologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Culture, Society, and Justice at the University of Idaho. Prior to becoming a professor, Dr. Hodwitz was a researcher at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) Center at the University of Maryland. Dr. Hodwitz specializes in quantitative research examining the influence of policies and practices on violent and extremist behavior. She is the director of the Terrorism Recidivism Study (TRS), a data project that tracks and reports incidents of terrorist recidivism in the United States and abroad. Dr. Hodwitz has delivered guest lectures and trainings on data collection, analysis, and policy assessment to academic, practitioner, and military audiences in North America, Europe, MENA, and Asia. She has published an assortment of journal articles, chapters, and research reports on violence and extremism, as well as instructive guides for the counterterrorism community on conducting high quality and ethically sound research.