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What We're Reading | September 2017

RESOLVE Team | 20 September 2017

In preparation for RESOLVE's Global Annual Forum on September 27, 2017, the RESOLVE Network team’s “What We’re Reading” post for September features key publications related to each of our Forum panels.  

The Forum will feature preeminent international scholars and experts from across the Network’s 20-plus partner organizations around the world. In addition to offering opportunities to connect with leading thinkers, practitioners and policymakers involved in developing responses to violent extremism, the day of panels and roundtable discussions will highlight findings from a year-long study on the rise of violent extremism in Bangladesh and preview upcoming research on the politics of religion in the Lake Chad Basin region.

Panelists will address questions including what do we know about how and when terrorists decide to enter and exit violence, and how do the politics of religion, migration, and identity factor into efforts to counter violent extremism?


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Panel | After Raqqa: Responding to the Next Wave of Violent Extremism in a New Era 


Panel | Entering and Exiting Violence 


Panel | The Demographics of Discontent: Identity, Migration, and Social Dislocation


Panel | Filling the Vacuum: Insecurity, Governance Gaps, and Extremism


Panel | The Politics of Religion in the Lake Chad Basin 


Panel | Bangladesh on the Brink: Surveying the Evolving Geography of Political Violence 

  • Please stay tuned for the release of RESOLVE Network Bangladesh Series publications.


Panel | Bangladesh on the Brink: Community, Secularism, and Religion 

  • Please stay tuned for the release of RESOLVE Network Bangladesh Series publications.

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