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Campuses and Conflict in the Lake Chad Basin: Violent Extremism and the Politics of Religion in Higher Education
Alexander Thurston
"Campuses and Conflict in the Lake Chad Basin" is the first in a series of RESOLVE Network research studies investigating violent extremism and the politics of religion on university…
Lynch, O. & Argomaniz Victims and Perpetrators of Terrorism: Exploring Identities, Roles and Narratives. Routledge, London
Orla lynch
While the perpetrators of political violence have been the subject of significant academic research, victims of terrorism and political violence have rarely featured in this landscape. In an effort…
Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalisation that Lead to Terrorism: Ideas, Recommendations, and Good Practices from the OSCE Region
Peter Neumann
There is practically no country in the OSCE that has not been affected by violent extremism. In 2016, terrorist attacks in OSCE participating States caused more than one thousand deaths. They…
Why Boko Haram Became Violent
Dennis Ekwere
There is no justification whatsoever, when citizens begin to take arms against its nation and fellow citizens by any guise. But this is our story in the Northeast of Nigeria of Borno State aka "…
Salafi Revolution in West Africa
Abdoulaye Sounaye
This paper discusses the ways in which a revolu­ tion inspired by Islam emerged in the few decades in West Africa, mainly through the intervention of Sala actors, institutions, and reform practices…
The War against Uncontrolled sand mining in Northern Nigeria
Solving the climate crisis is within our grasp, especially Media, but we need to educated our millions of people in Africa to stand up and act about global warming. However, the story make a…

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