Bangladesh on the Brink: Mapping the Evolving Social Geography of Political Violence
The result of desk research and findings from three expert workshops hosted by the RESOLVE Network
in Bangladesh and Washington, DC, from November 2016 to April 2017, this report is part of a series
of country studies that seeks to map emergent trends in political violence in Bangladesh. The report is
intended to place violent extremism in a historical context, survey current challenges, and identify gaps
in knowledge that will be the target of future research by those in the Network and others. The analysis
conducted for this report surfaced insights regarding the sharp rise of violent extremism in the country.
Discussions with stakeholders in Bangladesh and a desk review of the literature also revealed critical
gaps in current research, particularly with respect to the link between domestic dynamics and the wider
international trends that have catalyzed a surge in politically motivated violence targeting civilians around
the world.