LAKE CHAD BASIN RESEARCH SERIES FACT SHEET: Religious Politics and Student Associations in Nigeria


This fact sheet provides a snapshot of conclusions from RESOLVE’s 2017-2019 Lake Chad Basin Research Initiative. The project assesses the role of the state, civil society, and other non-state actors in shaping the political divides over the role of religion in education and community and state responses to extremism in Chad, Nigeria, and Cameroon. Given the youthful base of Boko Haram and other violent extremist movements, policymakers have asked whether universities might either incubate or counter extremism. Discussions with stakeholders and a critical review of the literature revealed a need to test prevailing assumptions about the relationship between education, religion, and violent extremism. To learn more about the research methodology and detailed findings, please refer to the RESOLVE Research Brief by Abdoulaye Sounaye and Medinat Abdulazeez Malefakis: Religious Politics and Student Associations in Nigeria.


Suggested citation:

RESOLVE Network. Lake Chad Basin Research Series Fact Sheet: Religious Politics and Student Associations in Nigeria. Washington, D.C.: RESOLVE Network, 2020. https://doi.org/10.37805/fs2020.4.lcb