Edited by Kateira Aryaeinejad, Alastair Reed, Emma Heywood, Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob

Researching Violent Extremism: Considerations, Reflections, and Perspectives

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As the nature of violent extremism continues to evolve—both locally and globally—research is essential in our efforts to craft better policy and programming aimed at preventing and addressing it. Research provides information that can help answer some of our most pressing questions about the phenomenon so that we can craft informed and contextually appropriate solutions and avoid potentially negative outcomes. However, while the body of knowledge from research on violent extremism has notably increased and expanded, there is still more to know, learn, and understand, especially given the pace at which global and local dynamics evolve.

Using and understanding research on violent extremism goes beyond just reading a research report or journal article. Instead, one must also understand the processes, data, and decisions behind the research and how they may have impacted the findings. This edited volume includes chapters providing unique insight and honest, collective reflection on experiences with conducting research on violent extremism, including the challenges of data collection, choosing research and analysis methods, and managing and building research relationships. These reflections are helpful for those conducting research, those using research to make policy and programmatic decisions, and those seeking to better understand research findings. The chapters not only walk readers through some of the perspectives, insights, methods, and thought processes behind research in this field, they also provide important food for thought for those seeking to undertake or improve their own research on violent extremism and for those using research findings to inform their own policy or programmatic decisions.


Suggested Citation: Aryaeinejad, Kateira, Alastair Reed, Emma Heywood, and Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob, eds. Researching Violent Extremism: Considerations, Reflections, and Perspectives. Washington, DC: RESOLVE Network, 2023. https://doi.org/10.37805/rve2023.1.