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June 2019 | Dr. Alastair Reed

Dr. Alastair Reed, Director of the RESOLVE Research Advisory Council, shares his reading list this month.

“Everything I have been reading lately centers around terrorism and communication and reflects my upcoming research projects. Over the last few years I have focused on understanding extremist propaganda and how to respond to it, examining the role of communications in the prevention space, countering radicalization and recruitment. More recently, I have taken a broader prospective on communications and counterterrorism, exploring the role of strategic communications across the four pillars of the EU counterterrorism strategy—Prevent, Respond, Protect, and Pursue—and in the aftermath of terrorist incidents. How can we design post-incident communications to lessen the immediate, secondary, and tertiary effects of a terrorist attacks apart from the intended goals? In the wake of the Christchurch Mosque attack, I re-examined both traditional media and social media reporting on terrorism. Keep an eye out for new research in these areas that I have been working on with Research Advisory Council members Dr. Haroro Ingram and Dr. Andrew Glazzard coming out early fall.”

Maura Conway and Joseph Dillon
Technological adaptability is key to the survival of any terrorist organisation. Given that live-streaming is rapidly catching on within the general population, it is inevitable that ther...
Julia M. Pearce, David Parker, Lasse Lindekilde, Noemie Bouhana, and M. Brooke Rogers
Ongoing targeting of mass transit networks and the challenges associated with policing these large open systems means that encouraging public vigilance and reporting on railways is a coun...
David Anderson
Mainstream western journalists are not, of course, terrorist sympathizers. But terrorism is unique among crimes in that the appearance matters more than the reality. And because it is sti...