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Afghanistan Resource Library

Partner Article
Afghanistan Talks: No Women, No Peace
Belquis Ahmadi
The Crime of Terrorism: An Analysis of Criminal Justice Processes and Accountability of Minors Recruited by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham
Cecilia Polizzi
The United Kingdom's stabilisation model and Afghanistan: The impact on humanitarian actors
Gordon, Stuart
The Politics of the Taliban's Shadow Judiciary, 2003-2013
Giustozzi Dr., Antonio & Baczko, Adam
The Demodernisation of an Army: Northern Afghanistan, 1992-2001
Giustozzi, Antonio
Physical and mental health of Afghan, Iranian and Somali asylum seekers and refugees living in the Netherlands
Gerritsen, Annette A. M.; Bramsen, Inge; Devill{\'{e}}, Walter; van Willigen, Loes H. M.; Hovens, Johannes E. & van der Ploeg, Henk M.

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