Political violence refers to hostile or aggressive acts motivated by a desire to affect change in the government or society makeup and function. Acts of political violence can arise from ideology or social grievances.

Political Violence

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Mitigating Radicalism in Northern Nigeria
Michael Olufemi Sodipo
Ongoing attacks by Boko Haram and other violent Islamist groups coupled with an at times arbitrary response by Nigeria’s security forces have contributed to a deteriorating security situation in…
After ethnic civil war—Ethno-nationalism in the Western Balkans
Karin Dyrstad
While the study of the causes of civil war is a well-established subdiscipline in international relations, the effects of civil war on society remain less understood. Yet, such effects could have…
The Balkans' Lethal Nationalisms
William W. Hagen
The war in Kosovo has reinforced the Balkans' image as a cauldron of ethnic hatred. Many commentators argue that the region has always been wracked by ancient hatreds. Others argue that today…
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COMPENDIUM: Bangladesh and Violent Extremism: RESOLVE Network Research 2016-2017
This compendium is the collected work of RESOLVE Network publications resulting from RESOLVE’s 2016-2017 Bangladesh Research Initiative.

In 2017, the RESOLVE Network Secretariat…
Resolve Publication
This fact sheet provides a snapshot of findings from the first RESOLVE Network mapping effort from RESOLVE’s 2016-2017 Bangladesh Research Initiative. Findings from the study map emergent trends in…
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The Islamic State in East Africa
European Institute of Peace
The slogan of the Islamic State is remaining and expanding (baqiya wa tatamadad), and at the end of July 2018, the Islamic State in East Africa could claim to be doing both; not in any dramatic way,…

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