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Kosovo Resource Library

Working towards Resilient Communities
Samet Shabani
This policy paper focuses on the specific factors and drivers of violent extremism in Macedonia, and aims to address the core roots of this issue by investigating the dynamics of its development and…
Reluctant Partners: Civil–Military Cooperation in Kosovo
Thomas R. Mockaitis
The NATO deployment in Kosovo provides a unique opportunity to study the effectiveness of civil–military cooperation in humanitarian interventions and other stability and support operations. Such a…
Framing Separatism as Terrorism: Lessons from Kosovo
Elena Pokalova
Framing separatism as terrorism presents numerous opportunities for governments facing ethno-nationalist challenges. Namely, such framing allows states to avoid addressing the ethno-nationalist roots…
Understanding Local Drivers of Violent Extremism in Kosovo
International Republican Institute
From February to March 2017, the International Republican Institute (IRI) conducted qualitative research with residents from four municipalities in Kosovo: Pristina, Ferizaj, Hani i Elezit, and…
Public Pulse Analysis on Prevention of Violent Extremism in Kosovo
Arben Qirez
This study has analyzed the perceptions of Kosovans regarding violent extremism and the resilience of Kosovan society vis-à-vis internal and external pressures conducive to the penetration of…
Community Level Recommendations for Preventing Violent Extremism in Kosovo
UNDP Kosovo
This is an updated assessment based on recommendations of a UNDP supported assessment conducted in 2015 to inform the Kosovo CVE strategy. Commissioned by UNDP and the MoIA, this research has the…

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Kateira Aryaeinejad
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Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers
Local knowledge and conflict transformation
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