In consultation with our partners, and a survey of over 400 experts in political violence and violent extremism, the RESOLVE Network identified Somalia as one of the Network countries of focus. Explore our research library, view our Network partners, or login to connect with our community of experts

Somalia Resource Library

The Crime of Terrorism: An Analysis of Criminal Justice Processes and Accountability of Minors Recruited by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham
Cecilia Polizzi
This Article expounds the legal dilemma of minors involved in terrorist acts and related offenses in the Islamic State ranks. By acknowledging the international discourse on terrorism as encompassed…
Time to Empower and Engage Youth on CVE in the Horn of Africa,
Abdishakur Abdi
Contemporary CVE programming while emphasizing poverty reduction, employment creation, counter-messaging and rehabilitation and re-education, has not completely ruled out relying on force. During the…
Partner Publication
The Islamic State in East Africa
European Institute of Peace
The slogan of the Islamic State is remaining and expanding (baqiya wa tatamadad), and at the end of July 2018, the Islamic State in East Africa could claim to be doing both; not in any dramatic way,…
Can paying fines to prisoners decongest prison? Study of Fines payment Scheme at Goron-Dutse Prison
Ado Sale
Prisons overcrowd remains one of the pressing concerns not only to the government but also to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and individuals. Prison authorities in Nigeria often call upon…
Explanations for violent crime in England and Wales: Literature Review Commissioned by the North Wales Police Department - UK
Ado Sale
This work reviews existing literature on explanations for violent crime focusing on England and Wales. The review centres on why violent crime happens, who are the victims and offenders of violent…
ICT4Peace in the Horn of Africa?
Tedla Desta
The pioneer of peace studies Johan Galtung (1996) proposed two types of peace: negative peace meaning the absence of violence and positive peace where there is coexistence, restoration and…

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Somalia Experts

Profile picture for Ernest N Ogbozor user
Ernest N Ogbozor
A scholar and practitioner of conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and development
Resolve User
Philipp Rotmann
GPPi's research, advisory and dialogue activities on global peace & security focus on governance, political economy, norms and organizations of providing (in)security and peace.
Resolve User
Camille Schyns
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Zeeshan Salahuddin
Pakistani. Journalist. Researcher. Analyst.
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Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob
My academic research specifically explores how international information interventions are localized, encountered and contested in crises societies.

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