In consultation with our partners, and a survey of over 400 experts in political violence and violent extremism, the RESOLVE Network identified Tunisia as one of the Network countries of focus. Explore our research library, view our Network partners, or login to connect with our community of experts

Tunisia Resource Library

Gouvernance des diversités : enjeu de prévention de conflits en Afrique / Governance of diversities : a conflict prevention tool for Africa ; book actually in French
The bad management of various diversities in African states remain the root causes of the recurrent internal conflicts that occured throughout the continent. Identity group's perception of…
Iraqi Child Marriage Proposal Reflects Worrying Trend
Raya Barazanji
New legislation in the Iraqi parliament that would allow girls as young as 9 to marry is drawing stiff opposition from a nationwide coalition of civil society groups.
Partner Publication
Building Regional Border Security Cooperation: Lessons from the Maghreb
James Cohen, Leanne McKay, and Joyce A. Kasee
The Maghreb countries of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia face threats to their borders from transnational illicit networks, such as terrorist groups and criminal organizations. To address these threats…
Rule of Law Approaches to Countering Violent Extremism (ABA Rule of Law Initiative Issue Paper)
Catherine Lena Kelly
This paper reviews the current social science and policy research on the drivers of violent extremism, describes the types of ABA ROLI rule of law oriented programs that have the potential to counter…
The Domestic Democratic Peace in the Middle East
Abulof, Uriel & Goldman, Ogen
The democratic peace theory has two complementary variants regarding intrastate conflicts: the äóìdemocratic civil peaceäó thesis sees democratic regimes as pacifying internal tensions; the…
Resolve Publication
Building Consensus and Setting Priorities for Research on Violent Extremism: Working Paper on Findings from Expert Consultations (Executive Summary)
This working paper presents the preliminary results of the RESOLVE Network Secretariat’s consultations with the network’s organizational partners and a diverse group of eighty prominent academics,…

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Tunisia Experts

Megan E. Loney
Candace Rondeaux
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Philipp Rotmann
GPPi's research, advisory and dialogue activities on global peace & security focus on governance, political economy, norms and organizations of providing (in)security and peace.
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Camille Schyns

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