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October 2021 | Towards Local Approaches and Inclusive Peacebuilding in South Sudan

This month, RESOLVE highlights recommended readings from our latest Policy Note, "Towards Local Approaches and Inclusive Peacebuilding in South Sudan.” Author Emmaculate Asige Liaga introduces the “local” in peacebuilding within the context of South Sudan and its benefits. The policy note provides recommendations s on how policymakers can leverage the “local” and local peacebuilding approaches to improve outcomes and build sustainable peace through increased levels of legitimacy, accountability, and participation. This What We’re Reading digest was recommended by the author to give more background on peacebuilding in Africa, local perspectives and inclusivity in peacebuilding, post-liberal peacebuilding in South Sudan, local strategies to peacebuilding in South Sudan, national dialogue in South Sudan, and youth and women on South Sudan and peacebuilding.


Willemijin Verkoren and Mathijis Van Leeuwen
This article analyses frictions in strengthening civil society (CS) for peacebuilding. It argues that frictions are caused by the fact that policies for CS support in post-conflict settin...