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Edited Volume: Researching Violent Extremism Series

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RESOLVE’s Researching Violent Extremism Series and Edited Volume seeks to build the capacity of researchers, develop higher research standards, and promote ethical processes for conducting research on violent extremism, informed by the experience of fellow researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. The Series and Edited Volume presents works based on researcher experience and provides instruction and insight on experiences and issues around conducting P/CVE research locally and globally. Individual chapters address how to conceptualize, conduct, analyze, and present research to inform and assess P/CVE policymaking and practice, both globally and in specific geographic regions. The chapters are reflective pieces on researcher experiences with challenges and best practices on different aspects and methodologies of VE research, speaking to the authors’ experiences conceptualizing, conducting, and using research for P/CVE policy and practice. Chapters in the series are compiled into a final edited volume supplemented by guides for researcher, policymaker, and practitioner audiences for use in their own complementary efforts.  

The Series and Edited Volume supplement RESOLVE’s capacity-building activities for researcher and non-researcher audiences that guide participants through the research process and provide best practices on security and ethical issues to consider when dealing with VE-related issues in specific geographies and more broadly. 

The Researching Violent Extremism Series and Edited Volume is a product of RESOLVE’s ongoing partnership with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau for Conflict and Stabilization Operations. 


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